The Men's Travel Bag

The Men's Travel Bag

October 23, 2018

The Men's Travel Bag

When it comes to the road, many people think about everything else, but not the bag they will be travelling with.

So, we decided to pay attention to this fact: in every person's life comes the moment when it is time to replace "the first bag-like thing that came to me" with a genuine stylish travelling bag.

The choice is quite large and what you choose will depend on your taste, but here are some ideas.

Classic men's travel bag by T. Anthony. The combination of black and brown makes it totally versatile:

Classic men's travel bag by T. Anthony

This more sporting and very enjoyable option is the Frost River. I like it because it combines comfort, style and very pleasant colours:

This Filson model is a good idea if you prefer a larger bag for a road that has wheels. For airport travellers this looks quite a good option:

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